The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters Is Profit


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Ebook : The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters Is Profit

Welles Wilder is known world-wide for his innovative and original concepts in technical trading. Wilders has authored many articles on trading techniques and has been praised by Forbes, Barron’s, and many other publications. This is his classic second and (he says) last book, a final contribution to the field of technical trading and market finance.

This book offers a complete and simple method of trading, on the internet, any webpage mentioning of Adam theory has not make this way public. Taking into account that it has entered the era of information, this is a very interesting phenomenon. All the readers may understand this method is unmentionable. When it is said out, the heuristics of this method will be damaged, which will make this theory lose “”awakening”” meaning. This is the most precious point of this book.






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